World Health Day : 8 Must-Try Subscription Boxes to Boost Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

World Health Day : 8 Must-Try Subscription Boxes to Boost Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

When it comes to health- eating right, working out, and getting much-required self-care are of utmost importance. We usually relate wellness with only physical health but in a deeper context, it is much more. A healthy life includes a state of complete physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. Taking good care of your physical health has a positive impact on your mental health and vice versa.

The ultimate goal of a blessed life is physical health and mental serenity

According to World Health Organization (WHO), health is vital to human happiness and well-being. Marking the significance of Health, World Health Day, a global health awareness day is celebrated every year on April 7.

Give yourself and others a gift of wellness and get on track with your health if you have been ignoring it. We have outlined a list of health and self-care subscription boxes for overall wellness. Let’s unbox bliss with our top picks to help balance mind, body, and soul.


Price: Get the maximum nutritional value of oat milk starting at$32 for 6-pack

Oatly is a plant-based drink that was invented with the idea to make a nutritious product for people. It is a great go-to product with maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. They grow, harvest, and then turn it into refreshing products so you can treat your body with all the goodness.

OATLY- The Original Oat Milk Company

Oatly milk is vegan, made from gluten-free oats, and loaded with a nutritional balance of protein, carbs, fiber, and healthy fat. A glass or two of the liquid oats works just great.


Price: Get Matcha Genmaicha Tea Bags for $19.65

Matcha Kari aims to source and provide the world’s best matcha tea and share the matcha culture. The powdered bright green tea with a rich aroma and complex flavor is made from specially cultivated tea plants.

Best part? The teas are grown in Japan by farmers who are part of a 300-year-old matcha growing tradition. It is true matcha tea powder, produced under the highest standards and sourced from award-winning tea growers.

What are Matcha tea benefits?

Matcha tea promotes cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol and stress, helps in weight loss, detoxifies the body, boosts energy, healthy skin, and much more. From calming effects to increased cognitive performance, matcha helps improve health and overall well-being.

Matcha Subscription

You get the finest tea collection to choose from- Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Sipping, Barista Grade, and Culinary Grade. You can also choose from a diverse range of Japanese Farm-direct loose-leaf teas.

Also, here are the coffee collection for coffee lovers

3. Orro.

Price: Get better tasting plant protein starting at $14.99 for 4-pack

Orro is loaded with taste and provides complete plant-based nutrition. It is a high-quality wholesome meal that helps boost energy and heart health. The products are packed with natural ingredients without artificial sweeteners and are completely non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan with essential nutrients to keep you full.

Orro Subscription

With Orro you get perfect on-the-go nutrition with a portion of vitamins, minerals, plant protein, calories, and good fats. The ready-to-drink mini meal offers three options to choose from- vanilla (12-pack) and chocolate (12-pack), and a variety (4-pack).

4. Soylent

Price: Get health and taste starting at $13.50 for Soylent Powder(10-packets)

Soylent aims to provide sustainable nutrition accessible to all. It is an energy drink with complete plant-based protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. Soy contains all of the essential amino acids that are necessary for healthy, growing, and functioning bodies. They carefully select each ingredient to provide the highest nutrient density.

Soylent Subscription

Soylent has a solution for all your nutrition needs from a full meal, morning pick me up, or afternoon snack. You get 12 flavored Soylent drinks, Soylent powder, and Soylent squared nutrition bars. It is a great meal replacement, keeps you full for longer, plus provides the body the fuel it needs.

Drink it, shake it, and chew it!

Important Note

Soylent provides resources to support organizations that fight food insecurity. Isn’t that great!


Price: Get a natural eco-product box starting at $99.99

Let’s Go Eco is a seasonally themed subscription box that stands by its eco-friendly promise. The box is for you as well as the planet. So, make positive changes to a more sustainable, lower waste, and plastic-free lifestyle. Going green is easy, fun, and affordable.

LET’S GO ECO Subscription

You get an assortment of 8 to 10eco-conscious products for home, health, wellness, and fashion. They even use plastic-free packaging, 100% recycled materials, soy-based ink, and compostable labels. There is no use for plastic, be it the products or the packaging.

6. Glory Juice Co.

Price: Get farm to bottle to you starting at $12.50 for cold-pressed juices

Feel refreshed by drinking juices that are bursting with flavors and goodness. Glory Juice Co. helps nourish your body with nutrient-packed and Certified Organic Cold-Pressed Juices.

Why cold-pressed juices? 

Cold-pressed juicing uses pressure to extract the maximum amount of juice from fresh fruits and vegetables without breaking down the essential nutrients.

What is unique about Glory Juice Co.?

The farm-to-bottle freshest produce is 100% organic with no added preservatives, sugar, or water and packed with natural vitamins and enzymes.

Glory Juice Co. Varieties

You get the freshest produce with delicious juices, acai bowls, nut and seed mylks, ready-to-blend smoothies, cold-pressed juices, cleanses, health shots, and salads.

Subscribe to your favorite products, set the delivery frequency, select the delivery date, and receive your order in a reusable Glory Juice Tote. Also, you can schedule the pick-up from your local Glory Juice café. The choice is yours!

7. Hygge Box

Price: Get your box of happiness starting at $36

Embrace simple life pleasures and bring a cozy lifestyle into your home with monthly handpicked goods. The Hygge subscription box is all about warmth, comfort, simplicity, and relaxation, and preserving happiness every day.

Hygge Subscription

Each box includes handpicked products to support self-care and hygge lifestyle for relaxed and happy moments. The number of contents in the box depends on the box you choose. Standard Hygge Box consists of 4 to 5 handpicked seasonal items and Deluxe Hygge Box consists of 5 to 7 handpicked seasonal items.

8. Healthy Surprise

Price: Get classic snack box for $42.49

Snack guilt-free with the Healthy Surprise subscription box. It has got you covered with a monthly selection of the highest quality products. The snack box is all-natural, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, corn-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free. Get a box with a diverse mix of delicious and healthy snacks.

Healthy Surprise Subscription

You can choose from three subscription boxes- Classic Box with 15 snacks, Big Box with 21 snacks, and Paleo Box with 17 snacks. It offers a good mix of full-size snacks each month.

Healthy Surprise Snack Varieties

Discover a variety of new snacks with Classic Box and Big Box. Both snack boxes meet the quality standards and are vegan. On the other hand, Paleo Box is for people on the paleo diet. The snacks in the box meet all the quality standards, except they are not vegan. You can expect a variety of products like bars, drinks, sweets, fruits, veggies, exotics, nuts, proteins, and more.

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