Discover Food and Drink Brands To Binge On This Holiday Season

Discover Food and Drink Brands To Binge On This Holiday Season

1. Charcuterie 2 GoGo

Price: Get a celebration box starting at $22

Nothing could be a better match to serve your guest with a table arranged with a Charcuterie board. With Charcuterie 2 Gogo, you can gift the board with a combination of different food items hidden in boxes available. Each box is carefully crafted with joy and a prayer of blessing for the recipient.

Charcuterie2 GoGo Boxes

You can choose from boxes- gathering box, surprise me box, bitty box, and Candycuterie box, and more. Each of these is piled high with spiced nuts, creamy and fresh hummus, homemade bread and jam, high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, a variety of fresh meats and cheeses, olives, and of course, chocolates. There is something here for everyone.

2. The Charcuterie Queen

Price: Get the flavorful boards starting at $35

A mixture of sweet, sour, and savory snacks served beautifully on one board makes it a perfect festive evening. The Charcuterie Queen uses high-quality artisanal ingredients, and the board is hand-selected for you and your loved ones.

The Charcuterie Queen Varieties

With The Charcuterie Queen, you can have a board of different food items combined to make yummy gift boxes for Christmas. You can choose from the Christmas board, Holiday pairing board, Holiday Baked brie kit, Picnic box, small board, and large board. These charcuterie boards serve different cheeses, meat, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, jam, seasonal fruit, artisanal crackers, garnish, and other items, making it apt grazing tables for any celebration.

3. Metropolis Ohio

Price: Get the crunchy delight starting at $6

Planning a house party or a movie night? Munching on a pack of popcorn is one of the best options. Get a tempted range of popcorns from Metropolis Ohio experimented with off-beat flavors such as gourmet popcorns, gluten-free popcorns, dairy-free popcorns, and nut-free popcorns. Send these as a gift, enjoy them as a treat, and relish the crunchiness.

4. Popcorn Friday

Price: Get your favorites starting at $6

Surprise your palates with some unpredictable crunch and flavors you would never expect in regular popcorn. Popcorn Friday specializes in hard to resist flavors they have lined up for us!

From samplers to baskets, you can get the Christmas popcorns ready to serve for your party. Select from an eclectic assortment of sweet, savory, specialty popcorn, candy popcorn, popcorn tins, and gift boxes in the delicious munching snack.

5. Mano's Wine

Price: Get quality wines starting at $29.95

There may not be a better way to kick off festivities with a case full of wine. Mano's Wine serves you handcrafted bottles especially designed and customized according to any occasion from corporate to holidays. You can send these as a gift and impress anyone on your list with a custom etched wine bottle.

Mano’s Wine Making Process

The winemaking process starts with the esteemed winemakers carefully sourcing the best wines from the finest vineyards around the world. Once the wines are selected, the juice is shipped to headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, where it is blended, aged, finished, & bottled to create the perfect selection for each palate. This allows you to taste the highest-quality wines from the regions with the best climate and growing conditions.

6. Little West Wine

Price: Get best options starting at $19.99

Clubbing the budding and young wineries together, Little West Wine aims at curating the best in the lot. So, you get the wines that best represent their vintage and origins. At Little West Wine, they use organic and sustainable practices to prepare most of their wines. They also offer wine tastings weekly and wine classes periodically in the beautifully decorated cozy lounge. You can choose from red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines.

7. Jrink

Price: Get a health drink starting at $4

Energize and jumpstart healthy habits with Jrink. It is a fresh and local solution containing 5x more veggies and 40% more nutrients than a salad making it best for a reboot or someone looking for a quick pick me up. Get your healthy meal replacements without any added sugar and preservatives.

Jrink Juice Varieties

You can choose from a line-up of products such as starter pack, multivitamin booster kit, immunity kit, raw juices &nut milks, plant-based blends, range of greens, nutrient & protein-dense options, and vegan meals. The products are rich in anti-bacterial, gut healing, and immunity-boosting ingredients.

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