Best Scented Candles For All Occasions And Gifting

Best Scented Candles For All Occasions And Gifting

1. Oliver Henry

Price: Get a wide range of scented candles starting at $29

There is something about the divine smelling scented candles. Isn't it?

Great for gifting and a lovely way to treat yourself, Oliver Henry candles come with unique fragrances that help you relax and unwind. These candles are hand-poured using high-quality soy wax and then poured into a beautifully crafted jar with the brand's logo in24K gold.

Oliver Henry Candle Varieties

They have a great collection of calming aromatic fragrances in floral, spice, citrus & berry, woodsy, clean & fresh, spa, and Christmas. Plus, you can shop for travel tins and wax melts.

2. Rude Dude

Price: Get the signature candle collection starting at $22

Rude Dude candles are all about expressing. It encourages you to live a passionate lifestyle through passionate words. They created the most amazing smelling candles so you can wear your thoughts on your sleeve. So, get your hands on the sneaky candle collections with the finest and most unique fragrance blends every time you light one. From birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor parties, baby showers, all occasions, or no occasion, Rude Dude has candles for all.

Rude Dude Candle Varieties

You can shop from the collection of 20+ awesome scented candles and say it the Rude Dude way!

3. Haven

Price: Get the cozy factor in your house starting at $5

Make your space more inviting and welcoming with Haven's hand-poured candle collection. Whether you are hosting friends, indulging in self-care, want to unwind, or on any occasion, there is a scent for you. Also, they source all the materials and oils to ensure the longest and cleanest burn.

Haven Candle Varieties

Apart from the signature candles, you can shop for valentine's collection, winter candles, fall candles, and MANdles. Made of 100% natural soy wax, they offer 20+ different enchanting fragrances.

4. Wix Candles

Price: Get environmentally safe candles starting at $4.99

The entire world is turning to look out for the environment, and so are the founders of Wix candles. A brainchild of a pharmacist and a mechanical engineer keen to extend their product with environmentally friendly ingredients have come forth with their brand, called Wix Candles. They offer small batch hand-poured candles made using sustainable ingredients.

Wix Candle Varieties

You can shop for wax melts and candles in fragrances like eucalyptus & spearmint, mahogany & coconut, iced cinnamon buns, lavender & vanilla, and more.


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