8 Best Pet Subscription Boxes with Loads of Goodies and Treats

8 Best Pet Subscription Boxes with Loads of Goodies and Treats

Pet subscription boxes will surely impress you if you want to pamper your cuddly four-legged friend. It comes with monthly supplies of quirky toys, treats, healthy meals, chew toys, accessories, clothes, and grooming items. They like presents too! If you’re looking for the best pet subscription box, then look no further! With a variety of dog subscription box options available, there’s something perfect for every pet owner. A dog food monthly subscription box is an excellent choice as it comes with free shipping and offers a wide range of goodies every month. For those who want to give back, a lot of renowned dog or cat food subscription boxes with a fantastic option also donate treats and toys every month to animal shelters. Every box makes it easy for owners to spoil their four-pawed friends with quality products sent right to their door. Each pack comes with three to four or more items which could include treats, toys, grooming supplies, and more—all tailored to your pet's size and needs! With loads of goodies and treats per box filled included each month, it's the perfect way for pet parents to show their love.

The best part? It is customizable for cats or dogs of all sizes, and dogs or cat treats come with a variety of products for monthly boxes. So, bring awesome products from these pet brands or gift these to cats and dog parents. We have put together some of the best subscription boxes for your adorable pets, which are sure to get their tails wagging.

1. BoxDog

Price: Get quality products starting at $5 and a monthly plan for $35

BoxDog is an amazing service for dog owners looking for the best pet subscription boxes out there. Each monthly pet kit contains a variety of treats and toys perfect for your pup! The selections are carefully curated and designed to pamper your pooch with interesting, high-quality products. Not only will it keep your pup entertained and happy, but also provide the essential nutrition that they need. BoxDog makes it easy and convenient to give your little pets the best, without having to search all over the internet or store shelves. It's great for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages, making it one of the best dog subscription boxes on the market today.

Pamper your adorable pets with a BoxDog subscription box for dogs handmade with love. Get high-quality items from sizes XS to XXL suitable for all dog sizes and choose the products and customize the package according to your pet's likes and preferences.

BoxDog Subscription

You can shop delicious, fresh handmade treats made by BoxDog chefs. The brand also offers one-of-a-kind items like vegan skincare, dog clothes, blankets, beds, premium toys, and dental sticks.

2. The Dapper Dog Box

Price: Get the perfect goodies starting at $3 and a bandana subscription for $11.43

The Dapper Dog Box is a monthly dog subscription that gives your pup something to look forward to every month. Each pack contains healthy dog food, brand-new dog toys, and other treats for your pup. With the Dapper Dog Box, you can make sure your dog is happy and healthy all year round. The box contains items chosen with your pup’s size and preferences in mind – so you can be sure that they’ll love everything they get. From yummy chew snacks to colorful interactive toys, the Dapper Dog Box has something for every pup and its parents! With each box, you get an assortment of goodies that will keep your dog entertained while also providing them with a healthy diet. So if you're looking for a way to show your pup some extra love and care, sign up today for the Dapper Dog Box – it's sure to make your furry best friend smile!

Spoil your fuzzy friend with The Dapper Dog Box's monthly surprises. The theme-based subscription box treats your pet with awesome goodies and keeps them healthy and happy. Just tell them about your pet and select the subscription term to help them curate a fun box for your pet.

The Dapper Dog Box Subscription

Each box delivers high-quality products keeping in mind pet-specific needs. You get five items- two treats, two toys, and one limited edition bandana.

Apart from creating lasting memories, your purchase helps them support shelter dogs. Isn’t that great?

‍3. Pooch Perks for animal subscription

Price: Get dog toys starting at $5.99 and the perfect monthly dog box starting at $11.95

Pooch Perks is an innovative animal subscription box featuring fresh dog food and brand new treats. Every month you'll be treating your dog to something special, even if your dog is a picky eater! This subscription box is perfect for any pet parent looking for ways to make their pup happy. You can choose the size and type of box for your dog, so you know that the food and treats are perfectly tailored to them. Every month Pooch Perks will send a box full of delicious goodies that your pup will love. Not only will they get to enjoy tasty treats, but each item comes with helpful information on how it can benefit their health and well-being. With Pooch Perks, you can give your fur baby the best care possible.

Looking for perfect products for your dog can be a challenge as they cannot tell what they exactly want. But with Pooch Perks' different monthly themes and a wide range of products, your pet will always have new products. That means you will find something fun and unique for your pet in each box. In addition, you can customize the package and select what goes inside the monthly pet box.

Pooch Perks Subscription

The products are hand-picked and premium quality with all-natural, USA-made treats, premium toys, accessories, and a bandana. Customize the box by just selecting the size of your dog or choose the mixed size option, then select a mix of toys and treats or toys only.

4. Vet Pet Box

Price: Get the best-customized box for your pet

Vet Pet Box is a monthly subscription box for pet lovers who want to give their furry friends the best. Every month, shelter pets receive a curated box filled with the best toys and treats. Dog moms will love receiving a box every month because it's like getting their pup an extra special surprise in the mail. Each box is carefully created by experienced veterinarians, so you know your pup is getting only the best products in each box. Not only that, but part of each purchase goes back to shelters, creating a positive cycle of giving back to our four-legged friends in need. This is a great way to show your pup some extra love while supporting animals in need all over the world!

They take care of your pet (dog and cat) with various hand-selected products, which veterinarians evaluate. While signing up, select the pet size, the number of pets, and a few other specifications like food allergies. It is a high-quality monthly box custom-tailored to the pet’s profile.

Vet Pet Box Subscription

You get premium products selected by the vet. The box includes toys, nutritious treats, accessories, wellness products, and healthcare tips & information. 

5. Best Bully Sticks

Price: Get healthy treats starting at $3.36

Best Bully Sticks is the perfect choice for pet parents who want to give their four-legged friends the best treats and chews. These all-natural products are made with premium ingredients that are sure to please even the pickiest of dogs. Pet groomers have even been known to recommend Best Bully Sticks as an alternative if your dog doesn't like traditional chew toys or treats. Not only do they provide your pup with hours of entertainment, but you can also get a customized box that has something special for adult dogs too. With every box, you will receive individually wrapped sticks that are perfect for any size breed. Plus, the box also includes a variety of hygiene items such as dental chews and toothbrushes so you can ensure your pup's teeth stay clean and healthy. Whether you want a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription, Best Bully Sticks has got you covered!

Best Bully Sticks offers products keeping your dog’s health in mind. The products are natural, protein-rich, and highly digestible with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Your pet will drool over the long-lasting, tasty treats, bully sticks, and chews.

Best Bully Sticks Products

Best Bully Sticks takes care of your pet with all-natural, high-quality products such as bully sticks, dog treats, dog chews, collagen treats, etc. They deliver quality products manufactured under industry-leading food safety programs.

6. Naturally Unleashed

Price: Get varieties of products for your pets

Naturally Unleashed is a great monthly subscription box for pet parents to receive a box with toys and treats. It's perfect for those who want to give their pets the best possible care, as it contains specially chosen treats and toys that are tailored to each pet's preferences. The box companies hand-select the items in each box so that you don't have to worry about your pet not liking what they get – everything is designed with their well-being in mind. As well as being an incredibly convenient way of getting all the supplies your pet needs, Naturally Unleashed also offers unbeatable value for money, making it an ideal option for any pet owner.

Naturally Unleashed is a one-stop shop with all products for dogs, cats, small animals, and aquatics. It is a family-owned and operated Pet Nutrition Center and pet store that provides the best for your pet with premium quality.

Naturally Unleashed Products

The store helps you find the right product with premium toys, grooming products, and healthy treats. Take your dog for a wash in the station, and there are occasional in-store offers. Naturally Unleashed also offers grooming services that include self-bath, aromatherapy, trimming, and filing nails, teeth cleaning, trims and touch-ups, and many more.

7. Incredible Pets

Price: Get a range of pet products

Incredible Pets boxes for pets are the perfect way to make sure your pet gets everything they need every month. These monthly cat and dog subscriptions are tailored specifically to your pet's needs, ensuring that each box is customized just for them. The dog pack contains items such as food, treats, toys, and more. Each box is created based on the size of your pet and their toy preferences so that the perfect box is delivered to them each month. With these boxes of monthly dogs and monthly cat subscriptions, you can rest assured that your pup or kitty will be getting a variety of items that they'll love every single month!

Incredible Pets offer products according to your budget and requirements. They provide healthy food, essential supplies, and excellent service. In addition, you can find all the pet care products for your fuzzy friends (cats and dogs).

Incredible Pets Products

The store brings you all cat and dog products, including food, toys, treats, daily care, grooming, pet training, accessories, leashes, collars, dental health, beds, etc. If you want a box that has brand new dog kits, they also offer VIP pet care where the pet can get proper treatment with vaccinations, lab testing, and deworming.

8. Health Mutt

Price: Get the best pet nutrition and care

Health Mutt box comes with pet care and nutrition. All the items are packed with care and meet the highest quality standards. They offer award-winning grooming services and self-service dog wash, and the team assists you in choosing the best products for your pets (dogs and cats) at a price that fits your needs. So you can keep your pet for their service without any worry. You can purchase almost everything for your pet or gift goodies to a pet parent in your life.

Health Mutt Products

Health Mutt offers pet food homedelivery, pet grooming, self-service dog wash, dog nail trimming services, accessories, and treats.

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