7 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Dad

7 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching, and you must be gearing up to make it special for your dad this June 19. But if you are still not done with your list, we are making it easier by sharing a few gift options.

Although dads may not express or show what they want, surprising him with a unique Father's Day gift always tops the list. We agree that finding the perfect gift they will use is no easy task.

Therefore, we have listed seven thoughtful gift ideas. Just think of your dad's favorites, ranging from tea, coffee, wine, dessert, healthy snacks, and more, and there will be a gift option on the list.

Make sure to bookmark these gift ideas!

1. Tea Runners

 Price: Get award-winning loose leaf teas starting at $4.50

Tea Runner is a customizable subscription box of Award-Winning loose leaf teas. In addition, it offers rare, hard-to-find teas from small-batch producers. You can choose from four boxes, including the Tea Runners Original Box, Pure Tea Box, All Black Tea Box, and Herbal Tea Box.

Also, discover varieties of tea blends for all types of tea drinkers.

Tea Runners Varieties

Each box delivers 4 high-quality loose-leaf teas with tasting notes and steeping instructions.

Tea Runners Original Box- You can explore pure, flavored, and herbal teas.

Pure Tea Box- Discover quality pure tea like pure black, green, oolong, yellow, and white teas.

All Black Tea Box- Includes pure black teas, blended black teas, and flavored black teas.

Herbal Tea Box- The box brings caffeine-free herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, fruits & berry blends, and many more.

2. Rook Coffee

Price: Get your favorite coffees starting at $16.50

Rook Coffee is known for Quality, Simplicity, and Experience!

It brings you the taste blended with quality in all their products. The brand selects, roasts, brews, and tastes coffee that aims to produce the perfect cup of coffee. With this perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee, they intend to establish a connection with people.

Also, you can select the product with the perfect grinding process. Enjoy your perfect, flavorful cup of coffee with your choice of sweetener, dairy, and non-dairy alternatives.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee feels like bliss for any coffee lover. You can surprise them with a wide variety of flavorful coffees.

Rook Coffee Varieties

Rook Coffee's menu includes coffee, cold brew, varieties of hot coffees, and coffee subscriptions.

3. Vive Juicery

Price: Get nourishing health drinks starting at $8

Energize and jump-start healthy habits with Vive Juicery. The brand connects you with whole, healing foods and fuels the body with powerful plant nutrition. Make healthy choices accessible and sustainable so you can find what feels good for your body and is kind to the planet.

Another highlight is that the brand partners with local farmers for seasonal produce. Also, the juice pulp is given back to the farmers to use as compost for the soil.

Vive Juicery Varieties

You get a variety of plant-based wellness under one roof, including organic juices, green drinks, fruit drinks, immunity shots, plant milks, fresh groceries, healthy snacks, holistic cleanses, and more. All the ingredients are organic and sourced locally whenever possible.

Vive juices and cleanses are bottled exclusively in glass to protect the product, the planet, and you. In addition, they offer a bottle exchange program, where you bring back clean, rinsed bottles for a credit towards your next purchase.

4. Plonk Wine Club

 Price: Get your new favorites starting at $26.75

With the Plonk Wine Club, you feel like you are traveling the world's great wine countries. The best part is that all kinds of wines are carefully sourced from natural and organic grapes.

Also, it is easy to customize and build your perfect wine subscription based on your choice of wine with the number of bottles. These come with detailed tasting notes and recipe pairings.

Plonk Wine Club Varieties

You get an expertly curated selection of artisanal, small-production, organic, and biodynamic wines grown using sustainable vineyard practices. Taste some great, hard-to-find natural wines from around the world. You can pick from varieties of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.


Price: Get The Skin Essentials Set for $49

Supply Grooming is a premium grooming gear to upgrade the shaving experience.

What's unique? They combine classic shaving traditions and plant-based ingredients with the most useful innovations of modern science. The aim is to create a line of high-performance products that work better and last longer. For example, supply is known for The Single Edge razor with three shave settings that leaves no bumps and cuts on the skin.

SUPPLY Grooming Product Varieties

They offer The Single Edge premium razor, shaving accessories set, shaving cream, healing post-shave, shaving brush, razor stand, skin essentials, and blade accessories.

6. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Price: Get the gift box starting at $30

Indulge in the variety of tempting chocolates for gifting and celebrating. For Father's Day or any special occasion, assorted chocolate gift boxes always tops the list. With Ginger Elizabeth, get chocolates wrapped in beautiful boxes and bring a piece of joy.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates Varieties

You can shop for pastries, chocolate, macaroons, cookies, brownies, bars, ice cream, and other desserts and baked goods.

7. Dang Foods

Price: Get sweet & savory healthy snacks starting at $33.20

When NYC met Thai flavors, Dang Foods happened. It started with lightly toasted coconut strips and now serves deliciously healthy snacks. The brand is on a mission to share its culture for a healthier and more flavorful world.

Dang Foods Ingredients 

They use coconuts that are sourced from family farms in Thailand. All the products are plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, and include whole-food ingredients with no added sugar.

Dang Foods Varieties

The brand shares unique Asian-American snacks with various flavors and ingredients. For example, you can shop for multiple flavors of Coconut Chips, Thai Rice Chips, and Keto-Friendly Bars.

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