6 Gluten-Free Bakeries To Indulge In Desserts and Baked Goods

6 Gluten-Free Bakeries To Indulge In Desserts and Baked Goods

Imagine biting into your favorite dessert and flavors taking over your taste buds. Sounds tempting, right?

If this is how you feel about desserts, then you definitely have a sweet tooth and are probably on the lookout for bakeries offering decadent delights.

We have outlined a list of brands helping us cut off gluten while enjoying our favorite desserts and baked goods. These are not only delicious but perfect for everyone. Choose from a variety of gluten-free desserts and baked goods, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, pastries, bread, macarons, donuts, and more. Munch on the bevy of treats guilt-free!

For more sweet treats, check out the list of bakeries offering vegan desserts and baked goods.

1. Billy’s Bakery

Price: Get the gluten-free cupcake for $4.95

If you need a treat that tastes just like the fresh homemade delights and gives that warm feeling of Grandma’s kitchen, look no further. Based in New York, Billy’s Bakery was started with a dream by two friends of baking deliciously authentic American desserts and baked goods.

Why do customers love Billy’s Bakery?

The bakery serves all classic mouth-watering recipes made from scratch. They use the freshest, high-quality ingredients and no preservatives in the products. Whatever the occasion, celebrate it with Billy’s Bakery desserts and make it a little extra special.  

Billy’s Bakery Varieties

They have a wide variety of freshly baked cakes, cookies, pies, cheesecakes, cupcakes, bars, DIY kits, and more. Don’t forget to try their gluten-free/vegan desserts as well.

2. Southern Baked Pie

Price: Get handcrafted gluten-free pies starting at $39.95

Southern Baked Pie is known for its Oh! So amazing gourmet sweets and savory pies. You are in for varieties of treats with its Southern charm, family recipes, and all-butter dough that just melt in the mouth.

Why do customers love Southern Baked Pie?

Founded in Gainesville, Georgia, Southern Baked Pie is serving for almost a decade now. You get a wide assortment of decadent flavors and extremely innovative pies prepared with seasonal fresh fruit from local farmers. Whether planning a wedding shower, baby shower, engagement party, wedding, reception, or any other occasion, they offer pies in a variety of sizes.

Southern Baked Pie Varieties

The heavenly aroma of freshly baked pie is perfect for any special day or any day for that matter. You can choose from Buttermilk Pie, Georgia Peach Pie, Strawberry Pie, Apple Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Pot Roast Pie, Blackberry Pie, and a lot more.  

And to top it all up, they also offer gluten-free pies will all deliciously flavors.

3. Little House Confections

Price: Get gluten-free cupcakes starting at $4.50

Indulge in the range of tempting treats filled with blissful sweetness. That’s the goal at Little House Confections, to make life sweeter.

Why do customers love Little House Confections?

It was started as a charitable campaign to raise money and awareness during COVID-19 for Covenant House of California. But with the exceptional community support, it blossomed into a fully functioning bakery.

Little House Confections Varieties

You can shop an impressive variety of sweet delights fresh from the oven with unique flavors of cakes, pastries, tiered cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Apart from these favorites, you can also order gluten-free desserts.

4. Sift Dessert Bar

Price: Get desserts starting at $15

Founder and owner Andre Ballus uncovered a niche for high-end dessert bars with Sift Dessert. The bakery is known for exquisite modern desserts for gifting, treating, and celebrating. Known for its toothsome treats, the shop also offers gluten-free cupcakes, vegan and organic cupcakes.

Why do customers love Sift Dessert Bar?

Party or corporate event, Sift designs custom-decorated cupcakes and desserts. It offers sweet basics for an ultimate dessert bar and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Sift Dessert Bar Varieties      

The menu has a variety of cupcakes, macarons, cruffles, cookies, cakes, frosting shots, and ice cream treats.

5. Misha’s Cupcakes

Price: Get gluten-free cupcakes starting at $1.75

Misha’s Cupcakes story is one of passion and dedication. It started with the love for baking cakes and cupcakes in the home kitchen and gifting those to friends and family. Then decided to donate the delicious treats to a charity event where the brand connected with its first wholesale client.

Why do customers love Misha’s Cupcakes?

Each day more than10,000 cupcakes are freshly baked with over 36 flavors on the menu.  

Misha’s Cupcakes Varieties              

Other than cakes and cupcakes, the bakery offers scrumptious brownies, cookie dough s’mores brownies, cookies, cookie dough, tres leches, cake-in-a-jar, cake slices, and other varieties.

6. AWG Bakery

Price: Get gluten-free bread starting at $14

Just because it’s gluten-free doesn’t mean it has no flavors.

After years of not having bread due to a gluten-free/Paleo lifestyle, Founder Hanna decided to create bread recipes that taste amazing and are suitable for all dietary restrictions. AWG (Air, Water, and Greens), that’s what the brand name refers to life, purity, and nature.

Why do customers love AWG Bakery?

The online store shares the love of healthy eating with all the highest-quality natural ingredients and beneficial nutrients. AWG Bakery is top-notch in terms of taste and texture. The bakery has something for everyone, including vegans.

AWG Bakery Varieties

They have varieties of everyday bread baked in a 100% gluten-free kitchen. The products are gluten and grain-free, organic, non-GMO, paleo, and vegan. Also, no dairy and refined sugars!

Note: AWG bakery bags and labels are non-toxic, BPA-free, eco-friendly, and 100% compostable.

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