5 Best Wine Subscription Boxes for All Wine Lovers

5 Best Wine Subscription Boxes for All Wine Lovers

Red or white, sweet or dry, there is something about a sassy glass of wine.

No more wandering to explore new bottles, fancy vintages, and varietals. Wine subscription boxes aim to deliver the best selection to suit your palate or interest directly to your door.

But what is best about a wine subscription?

It lets you expand your horizons, learn more about wine, and discover new favorites from around the world, all at the comfort of your home.

If you are unsure where to begin, allow us to introduce some of the must-try wine subscription services. It delivers monthly, bi-monthly, natural wines, different brands, full-sized bottles, and wine by the glass.

To all the wine lovers out there, it is National Wine Day on May 25th. Take your pick from the list below and pour a glass of your favorite wine. Read on for the best wine subscriptions you can sign up for today.

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It is always wine o’clock for wine lovers.

1. The Sip

Why we love The Sip Subscription?

Discover new wine styles, high-end champagne, and keep receiving what you like through an affordable membership. There is no reason to enjoy luxury sparkling wines!

What you get with The Sip Subscription?

The Sip Subscription brings 2 to 3 different brands in each box. You get full-sized bottles with the world’s top champagne and sparkling wine brands. Also, there will be a tasting guide, a custom gift, and a $10 credit towards full-size bottles.

Important Note

For every purchase, The Sip gives access to clean water for women and children in need through the East Oakland Community Project.

Choose The Sip Subscription

  • Annual- $54.95 per box
  • Bi-Monthly- $59.95 per box

Stock up on your favorite wines.

2. Dry Farm Wines

Why we love Dry Farm Wines?

Taste the extraordinary natural and pure wines with Dry Farm Wines. With the Philosophy of the World’s Finest Pure Artisan Wines, handcrafted with honest, Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest-quality natural wines from small family farms that meet the strict standard of purity. They follow natural farming and traditional winemaking process including, organic farming, dry farming with no use of irrigation, and older growth wines (35-100 years). Click here for a quick guide to natural wines.

What you get with Dry Farm Wines Subscription?

You get the wines that are sourced to the highest standard of farming, purity, and taste. Choose from red, white, mixed, sparkling, and rosé and enjoy all-natural, additive-free, lab-tested, and sugar-free (<0.15g/glass) wines.

Choose Dry Farm Wines Subscription

  • Red Wine, White Wine, and Rosé (6 bottles per shipment) - $159
  • Sparkling Wine (3 bottles per shipment) - $94

Chill, Swirl, and Sip.

3. Plonk Wine Club

Why we love Plonk Wine Club?

Feel like you are traveling the world’s great wine countries with the Plonk Wine Club. Each wine is carefully sourced from natural and organic grapes.

It is easy to customize Plonk Wine Club shipment, select the perfect wine club, the number of bottles, the shipment frequency, and subscription duration. You can pick from the Red Wine Club, Mixed Wine Club, and White Wine Club.

What you get with Plonk Wine Club?

You get an expertly curated selection of artisanal, small-production, organic, and biodynamic wines that are grown using sustainable vineyard practices. Taste some great, hard-to-find natural wines from around the world.

Plonk Wine Club Subscription starts from $110/month.

Grab a glass of natural wine.


Why we love VINEBOX Subscription?

VINEBOX is the best option for curious wine drinkers who like to explore fine wines from all over the world. You can find out new regions, different wine styles, and wines you liked the most.

With a VINEBOX subscription, you can taste the wine before getting a full-sized bottle. Get started for new tastes every season.

What you get with VINEBOX Subscription?

VINEBOX delivers exclusive hand-picked wines to stock up on new favorites. You get 9 vials of the season’s best wines, by the glass, every quarter. The members also receive full-sized bottle credits.

Join the VINEBOX Subscription for $79 per quarter.

Check out VINEBOX reviews and get a new collection every quarter.

Shop the best to keep your palate fresh.

5. Splash Wines

Why we love Splash Wines?

Splash Wines is a family-owned company that has been in the wine industry for three generations. It offers an amazing selection of delicious, hand-picked wines for every season. You can pick from the curated cases or build your collection.

What you get with Splash Wines Subscription?

You get access to great wines, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service. With Splash Wines, you need to select the case quantity, how often you want it to get delivered, the choice of wine, and choose the wine clubs. There are three wine clubs- Standard, where you can discover wines from famous wine-producing countries, Vineyard, where wines are selected from the world’s best vineyards, and Cellar for serious wine consumers.

Splash Wines Subscription starts from $59/month (6 bottles)

Wines that impress.

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