4 Best Produce Subscription Boxes That Deliver Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies

4 Best Produce Subscription Boxes That Deliver Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies

One of the best ways to support family farms and the local economy is to buy from farmer’s market.

Farmer’s market brings fresh produce direct from the farm to the consumer without any middlemen. We get the season’s freshest produce and local farmers get to sell a wider variety of fruit, vegetables, dairy products like eggs and cheese, and much more to the consumer at a higher profit margin. It is a win-win for everyone.

Now, what if you can get these at the comfort of your home?

Keep up with your weekly demand for fruits and vegetables with the fresh produce subscription boxes that deliver directly from farms to your door. They offer curated bundles, plus you can also create your box according to your preferences. These are convenient, flavorful, high-quality, and farm-fresh with the healthiest in-season produce.

We have put together some of the best fresh produce subscription boxes to help you find the right one. Stock up your fridge with hand-picked seasonal fruits and veggies.

If you are looking for more options, check out our guide for affordable grocery subscription boxes.

1. Local Roots NYC

Price: Get farm fresh box starting at $27.24

Focusing on making farm-fresh eating easy, Local Roots NYC delivers delicious weekly harvests to your door. In a way, it connects you with sustainable regional growers and local farms. The products you get are naturally grown, freshly picked, packed with nutrients, and flavorful.

Why order from Local Roots NYC?

Local Roots NYC denotes the best quality and higher standards.

  • The produce is grown keeping in mind regenerative practices like crop rotation, natural pest management, and water conservation.
  • Animals are free from any antibiotics and hormones and grow up naturally and strong.
  • You get the region’s best farm-fresh products full of nutrient density and flavors.

Local Roots NYC Subscription

Get ready to experience the best of every season and simplify your life with the Local Roots NYC weekly subscription. It offers a complete list of farm produce for a flavorful feast. Order your grocery with a seasonal subscription to keep your fridge stocked with fresh produce. Everything is picked from green pastures and packed just for you. Subscribe and get a weekly harvest for the rest of the season.

2. Servi Fruit

Price: Get high-quality produce box starting at $30

Servi Fruit is committed to providing fruits and vegetables while sourcing high-quality, fresh produce from local and international suppliers. Each basket is curated with delicious produce and delivered weekly to your door. So, shop at the comfort and ease of your home.

Why order from Servi Fruit?

There are multiple reasons you choose a basket full of fresh fruits and veggies from Servi Fruit.

  • They offer quality with an amazing assortment of fresh produce and quick deliveries.
  • They prioritize healthy foods in balanced, bountiful, and nutritious produce baskets.
  • All fruits and veggies are sourced from a network of local growers, partners, and suppliers.
  • The weekly basket is delivered in a refrigerated truck, which helps maintain the freshness.

You can select from 4 different bundles- The Works Bundle, The Veggie Bundle, The Essentials Bundle, and The Basics Bundle or pick a two-week starter kit, which is a great way to taste what’s store in for the season before you commit to the subscription plan.

It brings customizable subscription plans with organic veggies, fresh fruits, eggs, an all-natural salad mix, pasture-raised premium meat, weekly recipes, and more. Each subscription bundle consists of different products.

Servi Fruit Subscription

Servi Fruit offers two weekly subscription baskets- Family Produce Basket and Solo Produce Basket.

Family Produce Basket costs $50 with a collection of up to 12 different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, you can select delivery for every 7 days or 14 days. Solo Produce Basket delivers the same variety as Family Produce Basket but in a smaller portion. It costs $30.

3. Henry’s Organics

Price: Get organic produce box starting at $40

Henry’s Organics is a treat for a conscious organic eater. Taste the freshness and goodness of naturally grown veggies from a family-owned and run farm located in Woodridge, Australia.

On a family farm, started with growing veggies for themselves, then distributed the produce among friends, and grown from there. You will get the freshest local seasonal produce. Another highlight is that the veggies are hand-planted, hand-grown, and hand-picked. Isn’t that amazing?

They use sustainable methods like cover crops, which manage slow erosion, improve soil health, enhance water availability, and more benefits for the farm. And yes, all the veggies are certified organic.

Henry’s Organics Subscription

You get a Medium Family Box for $40 with 8 to 10 different veggies and a Large Family Box for $60 with 15 to 17 different veggies. It offers a mixed variety of fresh organic produce.

Important Note

Currently, Henry’s Organics is closed for home deliveries but click here to get the organic produce details.

4. Farm Box

Price: Get farm fresh box starting at $49.50

Farm Box is convenient, fresh, healthy, and customizable. What more could you ask?

Get fresh fruit, vegetable, pantry, and ready meals delivery in Brisbane.

Why order from Farm Box?

Enjoy high-quality farm-fresh produce for a great value of money. It is great for your health and delivers to your doorstep without much hassle.

Farm Box Subscription

You get varieties of boxes to choose such as Basics Fruit and Veg Box, Large Fruit and Veg Box, More Fruit-less Veg Box, Tropical Fruit Salad Box, Low Carb Keto Veggie Box, and Rays Market Box. What’s unique about the subscription is that you can customize your box by adding extra fruit, vegetables, and pantry items. The box contents depend on what you pick and the cost ranges from $49.50 to $75.

Stock up your kitchen with the freshest produce straight from the local suppliers as there is something for everyone.

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